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1.5 hours


Galway Arts Centre | Nuns Island Theatre



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Join Galway Dance for a showcase of 3 dance performances and work in progress showings. Momentum will showcase some of the dance talent in Galway city/county and the Northwest as well as the talented artists that visit Galway Dance’s studios on residencies. The showcase includes a Q&A session after the performances.

This event is for anyone who would like to find out a bit more about dance in Galway. Featuring different genres of dance styles and practices, this event promises to be a fun and accessible way to enjoy dance. All of the artists involved are engaged in Galway Dance’s residency programmes in 2024.

Momentum will feature three separate, short showings of dance work:


Using percussive dance footwork, contemporary dance, and physical theatre techniques, Aneta Dortová explores the concept of opacity through movement and narrative. It features two characters with contrasting traits, each embodying a distinct physical language. All of this is spiced up by hints of sci-fi, uncanny valley, and absurd humor. Dedicated to all those who don’t fit in anywhere.

Gaineamh / Sand

Bernadette Divilly uses contemplative dance and collaborative arts practices to bridge and connect the private and public realms and to creatively develop new understandings of landscape, culture, migration, health and the body.

This dance piece is choreographed and scored with the elementary energy of the earth. A response to climate change in part, this piece is a reflection and a resonance with sand in terms of the touch of sand, the impact of other elementary forces, the soundscape, the evocation of play, building, gardening, composing with the earth.


As a graduate of The Boston Conservatory, Halifax born Lydia Zimmer has been creating dance work in Nova Scotia and abroad for several years. Extremophile was born out of a need to express how grandiose ideas, childhood memories, and supernatural atmospheres can live on stage together. In biology, extremophiles are categorized as organisms with the capacity to flourish in extreme environments. This solo is the experience of childhood memories, abstracted through the use of “Alone” by Edgar Allen Poe and a particular costume entity representing resiliency and mental health struggles.

Extremohile first premiered at Festival of Dance Annapolis Royal in 2021 under the direction of Randy Glynn.

This showcase is supported by the Arts Council, Galway City Council, Galway County Council and the Town Hall Theatre in collaboration with the Galway Arts Centre/Nuns Island Theatre.