Eglinton Youth Group

Youth group in community garden with honey tasting.

(Youth Group in Eglinton Direct Provision Centre)

Since 2020, Galway Arts Centre has provided creative workshops for the Eglinton Youth Group in the Eglinton Direct Provision Centre.

These workshops celebrate the creativity of young people, and provide them with the resources to express their art and themselves, and to have fun.

The workshops are STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) focused; covering topics such as space, circuits, pollination, marine conservation/biology.

Led by Learning and Engagement Facilitator Aoife Natsumi Frehan

Supported by the National Youth Council of Ireland, Galway City and County Council and most recently The Community Foundation of Ireland.

Eglinton Community Garden 2022

Community garden mosaic wall

In these workshops, the Eglinton Youth Group explore local marine biodiversity and the simple steps we can take to conserve the environment we live in.

Participants explore our neighbouring beaches, identify marine creatures and sea life, and take part in related arts workshops.

Supported by the The Community Foundation of Ireland and facilitated by Learning and Engagement Facilitator Aoife Natsumi Frehan & CuriOcean, a Galway-based marine conservation group.