Galway Arts Centre has a long history of sharing our building and resources with a range of local groups and individuals. Inspired by CCA Glasgow’s Open-Source Policy, Galway Arts Centre will formalise its approach to programming its performance venue at Nuns Island Theatre.

What is Open Source Programming?

Black Gate Introducing + Live Feed at Nuns Island Performance Space.

Simply put, open source programming means Galway Arts Centre shares our building and resources with artists, individuals and organisations who are in receipt of minimal funding.

What We Offer:

  • Performance space at Nuns Island Theatre is available for artists and organisations
  • Technicians and Front of House staff services are available at cost, with Galway Arts Centre taking no profit
  •  If organisations have additional funding we will charge for the space at a subsidised rate.
  • What Kinds of Projects Are Eligible? Artistic programmes that engage with contemporary arts will be prioritised, alongside the overall balance of disciplines and artforms to be presented.
  • Each event and every partner programme must be proposed to Galway Arts Centre for consideration by our programming team.

Further information on this initiative will be available in 2023.

Feedback from our pilot programme:

The availability of space was fantastic, both in Galway Arts Centre and Nuns Island Theatre. I was provided with a projector, screen, tables and chairs on request. The space was clean and felt safe.

Róisín Stack

The staff from the Galway Arts Centre/Nuns Island were all very helpful and supportive. It was fantastic to have the opportunity to use such a beautiful space in our community. A rehearsal space for music artists is an essential service that the arts services in Galway city should be providing on a consistent basis. It was great to have the opportunity to show how the space can be used.

Eoin Dolan

Actor Ethan Dillion and I worked through adapting Minnow’s production Three Men in a Boat. We worked through two potential future projects – Stay by Jack Thorne and a monologue piece by Ethan Dylan. The space was clean and well managed. Communication with the venue was excellent. We had the time and space to plan and try out new ideas.

Mags Keohane
Minnow Productions

It was amazing to have the residency week in Nuns Island to develop Luke’s script. I had done a lot of script development work on Zoom but it really came together during the residency week. This was due to the fact that I had the physical space to experiment and see potential production pitfalls the script had that wouldn’t register on Zoom. It was also a weight off my shoulders to know that there was no expectation to have something ready to showcase at the end of the week. Overall, it was a great experience and I hope the scheme continues.

Mairéad Folan
NoRopes Theatre Company