Two young people sat within art installation.

Galway Arts Centre is committed to providing quality arts experiences for schools and teachers. Our Visual Arts in Education Programme connects Primary and Secondary School pupils directly to the arts through:

  • Exhibitions of artworks by national and international artists
  • Guided tours of the galleries
  • Artist-led talks
  • Hands-on workshops

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Primary Schools

Children's work on colourful paper covering walls of room.

Galway Arts Centre regularly develops programmes aimed specifically for young people.

Galway Arts Centre’s Gallery tours for primary school groups are carried out in a conversational format where the themes and ideas behind the work encourage creative thinking while empowering the young people to develop their creative vocabulary. Gallery visits must be organised in advance to provide a high quality, tailor-made experience for each group.

We regularly partner with local organisations on gallery visits and workshops such as TULCA Festival of Visual Art, Galway City and County Libraries and Galway City Museum and Baboró International Arts Festival for Children.

Post-Primary Schools

Person walking through gallery.

Gallery visits for post-primary groups may feature higher-level discussions and engagement, or tours catered to Leaving Cert art history questions.

These visits are designed around each individual group, taking into account what stage of learning the students are and what is important and is of interest to them at that time.

To book a tour for a post-primary group, contact

Other groups…

Group of people at the beginning of exhibition.

Galway Arts Centre offers bespoke tours ranging from very casual to highly informative.

In the past, we have offered:

  • Tours for groups of artists and teachers on applying Creative Thinking Strategies
  • Descriptive tours for visually impared people
  • Informative tours for men in the Galway Direct Provision Centre

If you would like to book a tour for an organisation or private group, contact