Cúirt International Festival of Literature

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About Cúirt

Cúirt International Festival of Literature is one of Europe’s oldest book festivals, and a leading voice for literature both internationally and across Ireland. Cúirt brings readers and writers together to tell stories, share new perspectives, and to celebrate writing, books and reading in all forms.

Through our festival every April we nurture a community of readers interested in the world, creating a space for conversation, debate and reflection.

What Cúirt Does

Rooted in Galway on the west coast of Ireland, we are committed to creating a space where the broadest audience is empowered to engage with books and reading, and a commitment to equality and inclusion underpins our core values.

We are proud to create a festival that showcases brilliant and diverse writing, champions new voices, and celebrates Irish and international writing talent. At the core of Cúirt’s programme lives an enduring curiosity, a desire to ask questions and to understand how we make meaning in a changing world. Cúirt contributes in essential ways to Ireland’s literature ecology, providing an international platform for new writing, developmental opportunities for writers and the wider sector, and fostering and nurturing Ireland’s nation of readers.

Cúirt Festival Team Members

Festival Director: Manuela Moser
Festival Manager : Aisling O’Riordan

Contact Cúirt

For more information on the festival see https://www.cuirt.ie/
Please contact Galway Arts Centre on 091 565 886 or email info@cuirt.ie for further details.

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