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03/11/2023 – 19/11/2023


Galway Arts Centre- 47 Dominick Street



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Reflecting on the West of Ireland as a landscape of medical infrastructure and control, artists are invited to consider their own regional relationship to medicine. From St Brigid’s Mental Health Hospital in Ballinasloe as a symbolic site of institutionalised mental illness, to the medical device factories flanking Galway city, to Kilcornan, through Merlin Park TB hospital and onto the Botox factory in Westport, the West of Ireland and the lives of those who live here have been shaped by systems of medicine. In tracing geographies of medicine, illness and disability in the West of Ireland and elsewhere, we might begin to (re)write these knotty legacies into our understanding of nation, modernity and self that reveal stories about ourselves, and where we call home.