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Presented as part of Collective Knowledges: Galway Arts Centre’s Public Engagement Programme in association with Array Collective’s “The Druthaib’s Ball”- a weekly series of public events with social justice groups, artists, academics, and musicians with talks, workshops, traditional music sessions, dance, storytelling and song.

This event has been coordinated in partnership with Galway Arts Centre’s Artists in Residence REWIND << FASTFORWARD >> RECORD.

Games for Artists Workshop | 11am – 4pm (1hr break)

Facilitated by – Brendan Fox, Co-Facilitated by Sarah Edmondson and Sinéad Bhreathnach-Cashell.

“It is not the place of the theatre to show the correct path, but only to offer the means by which all possible paths may be examined.” – Augusto Boal.

Re-visions: Your Practice, My Body. Experimental workshop responding to the Shebeen and drawing on each artist’s area of research and studio practice through Augusto Boal’s Image Theatre techniques.

This workshop will draw on each artist’s area of interest and through a series of physical techniques and exercises, we will locate commonalities and intersections within their practices. Through the consideration of our bodies as both subjects and sculptural objects, artists will have the opportunity to physically manifest their ideas and concepts. This new manifestation may allow us to elaborate on how we may perceive or locate the viewer in this exchange of ideas. As we physically occupy the triangle of Viewer, Artist, and Art-object we may attempt to develop a new line of collective questioning. Considering ideas around art, protest, and our place within this sphere a series of meditations and responses will take place offering a new ‘way in’ to the work activating the Shebeen as a discursive platform and crucially a place to belong.

This workshop involves mediation, movement, discussion, and the creation of responsive images.

Participants are requested to…

Bring 2 objects.

One that they consider emblematic of their practice/research or area of interest and a second personal object that may be of particular significance or illustrative of their queer journey.

  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Bring a notebook and pen.
  • Feel free to take photographs as part of their research.

Note – None of these exercises are physically strenuous.

Elements of this workshop may be photographed and published with your permission.

Galway Arts Centre’s Public Engagement Programme is supported by Creative Ireland and University of Galway.