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18/04/2023 – 23/04/2023


Galway Arts Centre | Nuns Island Theatre


Booking is via tht.ie or cuirt.ie

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Queering The Green (large)

Queering the Green: Toby Buckley, Sarah Clancy and Colette Bryce, introduced by Paul Maddern – Tuesday 18 April | 18:00 | €8/€6

Editor Paul Maddern will hosting three poets from the Queering the Green anthology – Colette Bryce, Toby Buckley, and Sarah Clancy, who will read from their work.

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Frames of Reference Cuirt 23

Frames of Reference: Editing Poetry with Colette Bryce, Rachael Allen and Stephen Connolly – Wednesday 19 April | 10:30 | €10/€8

Discover what makes a manuscript stand out, how lists are curated, and gain insight into how poetry collections are brought into being with Colette Bryce (Picador) and Rachael Allen (Granta) in conversation with Stephen Connolly (The Lifeboat Press)

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Cuirt 23 Vona Groarke, Rachael Allen, Will Harris

Poetry Reading with Vona Groarke, Rachael Allen and Will Harris – Wednesday 19 April | 13:00 | €8/€6

A lunchtime reading with Irish poet Vona Groarke, London-based poet Will Harris, and poet Rachael Allen from Cornwall.

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Cuirt 23 Ropes

ROPES Launch – Wednesday 19 April | 15:30 | Free, but booking is essential

ROPES is a literary journal produced annually by MA students at the University of Galway, and for 2023 they launch the 31st edition! This year, ROPES is proud support Galway Rape Crisis Centre.

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Cuirt 23 Emigrant Women

Telling Tales–Irish Emigrant Women in the 19th Century: Vona Groarke, Elaine Farrell and Leanne McCormick in conversation with Nuala O’Connor – Wednesday 19 April | 18:00 | €10/€8

The Lives of Irish Emigrant Women will be explored in what is sure to be a fascinating talk with critically acclaimed and best-selling authors.

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Cuirt 23 Haunting Tales

Haunting Fiction: Carmen Maria Machado, Sophie White, Camilla Grudova in conversation – Wednesday 19 April | 20:30 | €12/€10

A young girl who never left the small island; an isolated woman whose life takes a dark turn when she starts working at an old cinema in her city…dark tales for these brighter evenings…

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Cuirt 23 Art Writing

Frames of Reference: Art Writing with Nathan O’Donnell, Padraig Regan, Meadhbh McNutt – Thursday 20 April 2023 | 10:30 | €10/€8

Art writing fuses visual art, philosophy, history, and literature, to create a genre that is as much about creative production as it is about critical discourse. Nathan O’Donnell (PVA Journal) and Padraig Regan (2021 Burlington Contemporary Art Writing Prize winner) will discuss writing about art with artist/writer Meadhbh McNutt.

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Cuirt 23 Debut Fiction

Debut Fiction: Maddie Mortimer, Luke Cassidy and Tice Cin in conversation with Derek Owusu – Thursday 20 April | 13:00 | €8/€6

Hear the authors Maddie Mortimer (Maps of Our Spectacular Bodies), Luke Cassidy (Iron Annie), and Tice Cin (Keeping the House) read from their works. In partnership with the Desmond Elliott Prize

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Cuirt 23 writing collapse

Writing Collapse: Eco-poetry with Daisy Lafarge, Emma Must and Selina Nwulu – Thursday 20 April | 16:30 | €8/€6

Life Without Air is Daisy Lafarge’s TS Eliot shortlisted debut; Emma Must’s The Ballad of Yellow Wednesday centres around a protest against a motorway extension; and Selina Nwulu’s A Little Resurrection reflections on being and blackness, Senegal and Yorkshire.

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Cuirt 23 Frames of Reference 2

Frames of Reference: Editing Fiction with Tice Cin and Max Porter
in conversation with Tara McEvoy – Friday 21 April | 10:30 | €10/€8

Transforming a first draft into a manuscript fit for submission to a publisher takes time and dedication. Join Max Porter (ex-Editorial Director for Granta) and Tice Cin in conversation with The Tangerine Magazine editor Tara McEvoy, as they look at editing and the relationship between writers and editors.

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Cuirt 23 Suad Aldarra Derek Owusu.jpg

Suad Aldarra and Derek Owusu in conversation with Sarah Clancy – Friday 21 April | 15:00 | €8/€6

Syrian author Suad Aldarra and British writer Derek Owusu, who is of Ghanian heritage, will discuss the meaning of home and belonging with the challenge of pushing borders and boundaries.

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Cuirt 23 Boxing Day

Boxing Day with William Keohane – Friday 21 April | 19:00 | €8/€6

Boxing Day is a 52 poem sequence, offering fragmentary glimpses into the experience of gender transition, and read together they form a narrative account of a year of change, apprehension, and grief.

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Cuirt 23 Close to Home Michael Magee

Close to Home: Michael Magee in conversation with Louise Kennedy – Saturday 22 April | 14:00 | €10/€8

Michael Magee’s debut novel, Close to Home, is a luminous and devastating portrait of modern masculinity, as shaped by class, trauma, silence, courage, and love.

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Cuirt 23 Common Decency

Common Decency is Nothing Special: Susannah Dickey and Nicole Flattery – Sunday 23 April | 12:00 | €10/€8

Susannah Dickey and Nicole Flattery will discuss their recent books, Common Decency (2022) and Nothing Special (2023). Writing in deft, wry and witty voices about love, regret, desire and coming of age, these two writers navigate the novel in complex and strange ways.

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Cuirt 23 Hardiman Galway and Culture

The Arts and Culture of Galway since 1820 – Sunday 23 April | 17:00 | Free, ticketed

200 years of Galway’s history is explored in this lavishly- illustrated volume edited by John Cunningham and Ciaran McDonough, and with contributions from 38 writers. The editors will be joined by a panel including musician Anna Falkenau and Prof Lionel Pilkington.

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Cuirt 23 Poor Little Sick Girls

Poor Little Sick Girls: Ione Gamble in conversation with Áine O’Hara – Sunday 23 April | 14:30 | €10/€8

Ione Gamble, Founder of Polyester zine and a host of The Polyester Podcast, never imagined entering adulthood would mean being diagnosed with an incurable illness. Poor Little Sick Girls explores the pressures faced – as well as the power of existing as an unacceptable woman in our current era of empowerment.

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