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Void:Volume group exhibition.

Void:Volume group exhibition.

Galway Arts Centre

21st-27th November 2011

Artists: Maximillian Le Cain & Vicky Langan, Jennifer Macklem, Vanya Lambrecht Ward, Shelby Woods, Roisin O'Sullivan, Lydia Holmes, Adrian Duncan, Sarah Lundy, Meadhbh O'Connor, Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Barbara Knezevic

Void:Volume is a group exhibition of national and international artists curated by GAC visual art intern Sarah Lundy and assisted by GAC artist in residence Roisin O'Sullivan.

Artists were selected from an open submission call, in which they were asked to consider and challenge contemporary notions of creation given the visual and literally cues from the story of Genesis. The resulting exhibition depicts an exploration and reflection on the creative compulsion and modes of making today.

This thread between ancient allegory through to contemporary conceptualism is significant. Ideas fuel physical presence and this remains the nucleus of creation today. The works chosen for this exhibition depict that age old and ever present curiosity, material play, meditation on situation, and the need to visually depict intimate and other attitudes, ideals and opinions to facilitate communication and comprehension through aesthetic means. A broad and obvious theme, yes, but it is about making; we are all involved. Demonstrated here is the linage of contemporary approaches to art in direct descent from traditional methods. Each artist 'represents' issues within the the contemporary realm to depict visually the fundamental
ideas we all have and want to share. The concerns around represesenting ideas are the same, as is the creation. The realm of Fine Art is suspended momentarily, though operated within completely, as we are asked to take a fresh look at what we make without reference to a specific 'why' beyond that innate compulsion to do so.

The title Void:Volume relates to the pregnant potential of absence and the momentive coming to being of presence, emptiness and that initiative and urge to fill it. There is always interconnectivity between some and none. The degree to which artists create objects is relative and that which remains unmade is still available, ever valid until realisation. Nothingness has its own volume, it is a void that humans are compelled to fill.

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