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TULCA Festival of Visual Art 2013

Golden Mountain curated by Valerie Connor

TULCA Festival of Visual Art 8 - 24 November 2013

TULCA Festival of Art has run annually since 2002 and is an artist-centered festival of contemporary art that works with Irish curators to present innovative exhibitions across the city and County of Galway, Ireland. 

Tulca aims to create a meeting point in Galway in the field of visual arts between artists from various cultures and the audience. The festival over the passed eleven years has ena...See More

The theme of TULCA FESTIVAL 2013
'There are no mountains made of gold, but we can certainly imagine one and, as the argument goes, once we’ve imagined one it exists. So it’s a paradox. The Golden Mountain is a puzzle. It’s about what we believe is real and what we think we know. It’s about how, in the course of denying something exists, we simultaneously conjure it up. It speaks to the power of representation and imagination to transform our ‘realities’ or maintain the status quo'

TULCA 2013
8 - 24 November

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