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Tracy Bruen & Band

Tracy Bruen & Band


With a stunning vocal range and a theatrical bent, multi-instrumentalist Tracy Bruen blends indie folk with wistful blues to tug the heartstrings and inspire the mind. Let her rich and intriguing melodies take you away on a wave of sound and soul that is as original as it is lyrical." Electric Picnic 2014

(Listed by Electric Picnic as one of the Top Picks of the Bandstand Stage at Electric Picnic 2014.)

Galway based musician, Tracy Bruen began playing her original music in 2013. Tracy's original music combines a mixture of indie folk with hints of blues. A multi-instrumentalist and classically trained singer, Tracy engages a wide vocal range to explore the elements of the voice as an instrument in her songs.

The musicians in her band come from from a wide variety of musical backgrounds, with each member bringing diversity and creativity to create a rich and interesting sound.

Tracy also regularly plays as part of the Gingerbeard Family, a group of Galway based musicians. As a former member of Galway band, My Fellow Sponges, Tracy played on all tracks on their debut album, Bonne Nuit, released in July 2013. She also hosts the Open Mic night in the Róisín Dubh on a weekly basis.

Her music has been featured as part of Fregoli Theatre Company's play, "Shur I'll be Alright Here on Me Own"
In 2014 the band played at Body & Soul, Westport Festival, Sunflowerfest and Electric Picnic.  They have supported/ shared the stage with many well known artists including
West Cork Ukulele Orchestra (Galway Arts Festival)
Lindi Ortega
Gypsy Rebel Rabble
Max Jury

Their set at Body and Soul was listed as one of the best of the lesser known acts at the festival and described as "excellent" by the Irish Examiner, 2014.

Details of the night -
Presented by Gingerbeard House and in association with the Róisín Dubh
Tracy Bruen & Band
Launch Debut EP
27th November
Nun's Island Theatre
Doors 8.30pm
€10 (includes free EP)
Special guests - New Pope


Additional Info

  • Start Date: Thursday, 27 November 2014
  • End Date: Thursday, 27 November 2014

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