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The Crocodile Heads

 The Crocodile Heads are ‘in the house...’
An exhibition of print, installation, drawing, paint and sculpture
curated by Maeve Curtis

Guest Speaker Mike McCormack Galway City and Galway County Council Writer-in-Residence
Opening Reception Monday 14th May at 4pm
First Floor, Galway Arts Centre, 47 Dominick Street, Galway
Exhibition runs until Saturday 19th May 10am to 5.30pm

High tides greet us yielding up driftwood and the sea air splashes against the walls... we are introduced to characters yearning to transform and creatures waiting to metamorphose... objects found on beaches, in bins and in fields are repurposed to breathe life into washed up containers and a notebook opens out full of voices from shows past and ideas for the future...

‘in the house...’ is an exhibition of work by The Crocodile Heads who are artists that access the services of RehabCare. They offer us an insight into their journey from the RehabCare Centre, Casla in Connemara to the galleries in Galway Arts Centre where they meet weekly to engage with contemporary art through drawing, paint, print, installation and group critique. This show is a culmination of their enquiry into other contemporary artists’ work and a very clear and adamant expression of their own emerging voices.

The Crocodile Heads are a visual art collective based in Galway Arts Centre, funded by RehabCare, Casla and facilitated by Visual Artist, Maeve Curtis. Their work has been previously selected for exhibition in Galway Arts Centre and most recently by Brent Pope for the Outside In Art Gallery, Dublin. This is their first solo exhibition.

The Crocod
ile Heads would like to acknowledge the following visual artists whose work, recently exhibited at Galway Arts Centre, has influenced their understanding of contemporary art and their own artistic practice; David Beattie & Karl Burke, Magnhild Opdøl, Jennie Moran, Artspace Studios, Sonia Shiel, Rosie McGurran and Maeve Mulrennan for programming these exhibitions at Galway Arts Centre. They would also like to acknowledge the African artist, Romuald Hazoumè who exhibited at the Irish Museum of Modern Art. The Crocodile Heads are very thankful of the initiative shown by RehabCare, Casla in their support, both financial and personal, and without which none of this adventure would be possible.

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