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SYNC | features new work from three Irish artists, exploring how to engage and tell stories with children and people in the gallery space. Teachers, children and young people in Ábalta School in Galway city have mentored Elmarie Collins, Sarah O'Brien and Daniel Greaney. The focus on building this exhibition is on interaction and engagement with how artworks are conceived as well as the finished pieces. The three artists begin with drawing and use installation and site responsive interventions to synchronize ideas, materials and audience.

Elmarie Collins creates environments where the viewer is encouraged to explore and invited to interact with a new landscape. Through experimentation Collins builds upon original material to create something more dimensional taking on a life of their own, the installation work interacts with its surroundings to further create a sensation of peering into a new reality.

Daniel Greaney works attempts to recreate subjects and motifs from paintings in art history using non-traditional materials. Household objects, plastics, and video and internet clips are adapted from their original purpose and through a variety of processes are altered in an effort to consider these media as having the same value as conventional painting techniques. 

Sarah O'Brien's studio methodology is rooted in a painting process. Her work is at once an exploration of the traditional approaches and a revocation of that tradition. O'Brien seeks to link the audience directly to the activity of painting production. The installation of painting objects is akin to a studio in situ in the gallery. The viewer is invited to experience the materials and paintings by walking around and under them, opening the paintings with the emphasis on colour and form in space.

Curated by Maeve Mulrennan and John J Twomey the exhibition runs through out the Baboró festival with specialised workshops, tours and contextual talks through out the exhibition

Exhibition runs daily from 15th to 27th of October 2012 and official opening on Wednesday the 17th at 5.30pm launched by Martin Drury, Arts Director of the Arts Council.

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