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Sarah Lynch - A Musical Odyssey

SARAH LYNCH - a Musical Odyssey with special guests

Sarah Lynch is delighted to announce an intimate gig at Nuns Island Theatre on Jan 17 2009. Sarah is currently putting the finishing touches to her first album Letter To Friends that will be released at a date later this year. The album has been a work in progress over the past 3 years between world tours with The Druid Theatre Traveling Circus.
She has been working with producer Wayne P Sheehy to whom she was introduced by Juliet Turner when she supported Juliet's Burn the Black Suit Tour. Sarah and Wayne have gotten on so well and have enjoyed working together so much that recently friends have started asking if they'll ever take a break from experimenting with new sounds in order to get a record finished… They have seen the sense in this, and the debut album is almost ready.

 Sarah says, "We began recording together in the beautiful Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Annaghmakerrig. I was apprehensive at first, because Wayne and I had not worked together in such close proximity before and I was worried that he wouldn't like the songs and our tastes might diverge. But all those fears began to disappear after the first glass of wine at dinner and after the first bottle they were well and truly sunk. We went on to record in a house that seemed to be situated on the edge of the world. In fact it was, we were in Kilcrohane, Co.
Cork. But as inspirational as the solitude was, we left before the combination of pitch black countryside and unexpectedly-placed cliff edges led to the demise of one or the other of us, and went on to the legendary Druid Theatre in the heart of Galway to add a dash of theatricality to the proceedings. When our glasses ran dry in Galway we relocated to Temple Bar in an attempt to get back in touch with our somewhat diminished urbane image. I suspected we might have gone too far-gone when the musicians started sporting gold medallions and I accidentally admired a Burberry top in a shop window. So on up to the Leinster Cricket Club we went and when our whites were well and truly stained beyond recognition we finally ended up on the Vico Road in Dalkey. There was a washing machine there…"

Some tracks from the album can be heard on http://www.myspace.com/sarahlynchmusic
Why not come to the gig and you can form your own opinion on whether the cross country quest was worth it!

Tickets €12 on the door &  at Galway Arts Centre, 091 565886

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