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Romeo and Juliet

Forestburgh Theatre Arts Center’s First International Collaboration
Romeo and Juliet Goes to Ireland

In conjunction with Bottom Dog Theatre (Limerick) Forestburgh Performing Arts Center from New York will present Romeo and Juliet at the Nuns Island Theatre, Galway Monday 24th January  2011 at 8pm.  The classic tale of star-crossed lovers has been condensed into a fast and furious 80 minutes with 6 actors playing multiple roles.  The production has been described as "smart, fast and engaging".

In an attempt to make Shakespeare more accessible to modern audiences, the play has been infused with an edgy, emo-style roughness softened by Elizabethan touches and some of the play's famous soliloquies set to punk music. The Cast play a multiple roles in this new version of an old classic with tremendous verve and deliver a brand new version of the story of doomed love. Composer Kyle Norris’ contemporary score and original music, along with costumer David Withrow’s hip slant, all combined to make this Romeo and Juliet soar.

Galway audiences will be familiar with Bottom Dog theatre company from Limerick after their recent sell out show at the Town Hall  “Language Unbecoming of a Lady”  This new project is their first collaboration with an International company. This visit by “ Romeo And Juliet”  has its genesis at workshops organised by Steppenwolf Theatre from Chicago, another company with strong Galway connections. The result of all this international connections is a presentation of Shakspeare’s greatest play that shouldn’t be missed

Tickets are €12/10 and available at Galway Arts Centre 47 Dominick St  091 565886 or galwayartscentre.ie

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