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Red Bird Youth Collective

Red Bird is a Youth Arts organisation for 15-24 year olds. Red Bird is a group of likeminded young people from different backgrounds who come together to collaborate on engaging and challenging art projects.

The participants take ownership of projects and are involved in decision making from idea stage to completion of a project. The group has collaborated with professional artists on visual art, film, architecture and performance projects. The group also engage with other aspects of the arts such as administration, curation, and event organisation.

Red Bird is an ideal outside-of-school pursuit for students interested in self-led art projects, writing, music and other artforms.

Red Bird Youth Collective is now recruiting new members! Established in 2011 by Galway Arts Centre, Red Bird Youth Collective is a visual art group for young people (aged 15 - 24) living in Galway city & county. They deliver large-scale youth-led projects in collaboration with professional artists. 

The requirements to join Red Bird are an interest or passion for art, though no formal background or training is necessary. The group meets weekly for projects, that culminates in an exhibition in Galway Arts Centre. The other requirements for being a part of Red Bird is to commit fully to attendance of workshops, the schedule is provided in advance.
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