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Portfolio Preparation Class

 Applicants from a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and experience welcome. This course is primarily designed for people who wish to pursue an art-related subject at a third level institution.  Whether you wish to add to your existing portfolio or create a new portfolio, this course is for you. Students will be encouraged to work outside of class  to complete the work. The portfolio courses are intensive and give the student a brief glimpse into what will be expected of them at college level.This course has been designed to motivate and stimulate your creative thought. It will inspire you to be visually aware, and explore everyday items   Essentially I will encourage you to explore and experiment as much as possible.Each student will receive personal tutorials to assess their progress along the way with advice before they leave each evening so they know what their portfolio needs and what to do next.  Throughout the course a selection of 20 pieces they have created that best showcase the students individual skill set will be chosen for the portfolio.

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