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Who are the Performance Collective?
The Performance Collective are five visual artists who present live performance artworks. The Performance Collective is unique in Irish visual art by exploring live improvisation and collaboration. Currently our members are Michelle Browne, Pauline Cummins, Frances Mezzetti, Dominic Thorpe and Alex Conway.

What we are asking you to support!

We will present 14 days of live performances at the Galway Arts Centre in July 2012. This work will be seen by many who have not yet experienced this dynamic art form. We are asking you to support the development and presentation of this challenging new body of work that will be collaborative, improvised, durational and live. This exhibition critically engages with how live art is presented in a gallery context and time structure!

Unlike most visual art exhibitions we, the artists, need to be present the entire time during the show. This requires significant resources. In preparation we are continuing to work through intensive workshops together to develop and refine ideas, actions and our use of physical materials.

We will also use resources to commission a written response to our process and the show and help pay for professional documentation..


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