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New Class at the Galway Arts Centre

Dave Rock has repeatedly placed in the top three or four major poetry slams such as the Cuirt International Festival of Literature Poetry Grandslam, and the All Ireland Slam. He has also been a finalist in other grand slams both in Ireland and the UK. He brings a unique physical and vocal presence to the stage, and often works with pure improvisation. He has coached many major slam winners, such as Sean Leonard (Cuirt Grand Slam winner), Lisa Allen (North Beach Poetry Nights Grandslam winner) and Sarah Griff ( Over the Edge Fiction Slam winner).

"I wouldn't be a performance poet without Dave Rock. Teaching by Example and with serene patience, he is an action-word man.He taught me to mean a poem by being the poem, and has steered many young poets young and old away from the common pitfalls of spoken word performance.He has an energy you wouldn't find anywhere else. He makes listening fun." 

Shaun Leonard, Cuirt International Festival of Literature Poetry Grand Slam winner, North Beach Nights Poetry Grandslam Finalist.

"Dave Rock acted as a huge influence and guide for me in terms of how a performer can embody poetry as the speak. He acts more as a mentor than a tutor, and the coaching I recieved from him felt more like a discussion that led to my own performance. It was a joy to learn from him, and through these experiences I feel I grew a great deal as a facilitator and an educator myself." 

Sarah Griff, All Ireland Poetry Slam Finalist, winner Over the Edge Fiction Slam, Literary Deathmatch Dublin, Bowdy Storytelling Slam San fransico.

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