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Michael Fortune

Michael Fortune
‘An Anthology of Others’
Galway Arts Centre
11th November 2009

Galway Arts Centre is delighted to present ‘An Anthology of Others’ a collection of work by Michael Fortune. As part of a national touring programme, Michael Fortune will present the collection of recently produced video works in Galway Arts Centre on Wednesday 11th of November from 3pm-5pm. The showcase will feature eight single-channel works which have been produced in the past three years. This programme has been organised with the support of ten art centres and venues and is an ideal opportunity to view a showcase of Fortune’s work. The screening will be followed by a Q+A session with the artist. This screening runs for one afternoon only 3pm-5pm 11th November 2009. Admission is free no booking necessary.

As part of a national touring programme, Michael Fortune will screen a selection of video works which he has produced in the past three years. His practice revolves around the collection of material. He does not script or storyboard, instead he generates material out of the relationships and experiences he develops with the people and circumstances he encounters. Fortune combines the stand-alone idiosyncrasies of people and incidents in everyday life, with complex and visually careful and contemplative treatments that adeptly handle the aesthetics of repetition, humour, obscurity, strangeness and intimacy.

In much of his video work the camera remains static, where editing is only ever employed out of necessity rather than luxury. Although referring to the form of the documentary, all evidence of the documenter or narrator is removed. The intimate nature of the relationships with the people and circumstances he encounters, and the subsequent reflective treatment of the material at hand is a key feature of his work

Michael graduated from Limerick School of Art with a First Class Honours Degree in 1999. On Graduating, he became involved with the Real Art Project (RAP), a Limerick based artists-run initiative dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging and established artists in the city. He completed his time with the Real Art Project in 2000 after he co-founded Real ArtSpace, a project and exhibition space for the organisation. He was awarded an MA in screen writing from Dun Laoghaire School of Film in November 2004.

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