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Jason Irwin

Some  Days  It’s A Love Story
Jason Irwin

At P & G Grocery the dairy manager

has a Bachelor’s in Economics

and a pulled groin

from lifting crates of milk.

He’s been writing the first chapter to a novel

for six years.

Some days it’s a love story,

some days a comedy,

about people in a small town,

like the guy in aisle eight who fits

all he learned from his father

into his right hand and smacks his son

for asking too many questions,

or the cashier at express

who flirts with the younger bank teller

who comes in every day for lunch,

handing him change she smiles,

avoids his eyes and remembers

it’s been over two years

since she’s been kissed.

Outside, a factory worker, fresh

off the midnight trick

climbs into a beat up Chevy,

opens a can of Milwaukee’s Best

he bought for breakfast, takes a sip,

sets it between his legs, keys the ignition

and thinks about the day his wife left

complaining he was the one

who changed.

Jason Irwin grew up in a small town near Buffalo, NY. In 2006 he won the 2006/2007 Transcontinental Poetry Award for a 1st book of poetry Watering the Dead by Pavement Saw Press. He has had poems published in various US journals including Lumina, Sycamore Review, Confrontation, Miller's Pond, Pearl, & Slipstream. He is a 2004 graduate of the MFA Program at Sarah Lawrence College and currently work as an office temp in Pittsburgh

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