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Galway Arts Centre is proud to announce You/Protect, an exhibition of work by members of the Grúpat collective - Freya Birren, Turf Boon, The Dowager Marchylove, The Parks Service and Jennifer Walshe.  Opening Friday, the 11th March at 6pm, this exhibition will continue until the 23rd April 2011.
Grúpat is an international art collective based in Tallaght, Dublin.  Having emerged from graffiti culture, guerrilla performances and other avant-garde practices in the late 90s, Grúpat have now established themselves as an insuppressible force within Irish Arts and Music.  This collective of diverse and eccentric individuals, most of whom operate under pseudonyms, experiment with various art forms but share a common and overriding interest in the field of sound.  From the daring and virtuosic music of drag queen, the Dowager Marchylove, to the environmentally sustainable sculptural instruments of Turf Boon, each member of Grúpat creates work that is experiential and vivid, enveloping the individual through the use of image, sound, text, light, colour, temperature and smell.

The sonic sculptures, sound installations and interventions of Grúpat are harnessed and enhanced by award winning composer, Jennifer Walshe, who curates Grúpat shows and participates as an artist within the collective.

Members of Grúpat have exhibited extensively in venues such as the Chelsea Art Museum, New York (2010), Project Arts Centre, Dublin (2009) and at RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre (2008).  Grúpat’s work has also been broadcast on Lyric FM and Deutschlandfunk Radio, Germany.
“… leaps of intuition and creativity; there is at points something like an ecstasy of making here… so much more than the sum of its parts”    Louise Gray on Grúpat, The Wire magazine

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