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Giddy with despair

Giddy with despair

Jennie Moran
Opening Friday 2nd December 2011, running until January 27th 2012

Galway Arts Centre is delighted to announce its final exhibition of 2011, Jennie Moran’s ‘Giddy With Despair’.
Nothing changed to something in this ignored place. Particles long undisturbed are fizzing discreetly. There is a small disruption in the accumulated debris - residual things put in order and arranged into a kind of infrastructure.

Jennie Moran is a visual artist who worries about gaps and timing.
She has gathered knowledge through a degree in sculpture at the National College of Art and Design; international residencies at NES Iceland, Fondazione Ratti, Italy and Galleria Blanda, Buenos Aires. Her projects have been facilitated by Dublin City Council Art Bursary, Arts Council Project Award, Artist in the Community Award, Engaging with Architecture Award and a Visual Art Bursary.

Jennie Moran's work is an attempt to dismantle places into their basic components and reassemble them so that they might function more poetically. It is usually light-hearted and willful. Recently, however she has been considering the split second of despondency in this process, between the stages of recognising unfortunate barren gaps in places, and filling them. These gaps might be defined as places where details are not allowed to accumulate. Before the sharp intake of breath that means we are ready to be strong, there is a poignant moment of sadness. Her practice is an illumination of this human frailty/vulnerability alongside a brave unyielding will to make better.

Up to now, this practice has operated as a transient intervention or service, often activated by the artist's presence. Giddy with despair is the result of a new investigation into how this service-based practice might be translated into sculptural form. The artist has removed herself from the work to allow more space for the audience. Moran has invited Eoin Coyle to provide Saturday Sustenence in the gallery each Saturday of the exhibition, excluding Christmas week. The artist has also invited writer Donny Mahoney to respond to her ideas and work in a publication which will be available in GAC.


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