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The show runs from Wednesday 25- Saturday 28 March 2009 at 8.30pm

Venue; Nuns Isand Theatre
Tickets ; €10/8 available from Galway Arts Centre -091 565886

Making Babies by Meadhbh Haiceid tells the story of two people in love who decide to have children, but can’t decide who they want their children to be most like. Is it possible to be too much in love? Is the world too scary to bring a child into? What if the children are given all the faults but none of the attributes of their creators? Making Babies was awarded best direction at the Jerome Hynes One Act Series 2008.

At a Loss by Ann Blake explores how one decision can have a devastating effect on people’s lives and how one moment no matter how small can change one's idea of attraction, truth, loyalty, and freedom. Winner of Jerome Hynes Award 2009 including awards for best direction, best actor and best actress.
Mosaic of Dreams by Shane McDermott is a play about a mother’s unique way of raising a child. About art and the art of story telling. About those people we suspect just because they are not necessarily subscribing to the norms of society.

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