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Different Directions

 Galway Arts Centre Different Directions will screen only the best works of Experimental Cinema – it will be the first properly curated and programmed Festival of its kind in Ireland, appealing to local, national and international audiences. Galway audiences will have access to work that the commercialized Film Festivals can't accommodate. It has never been more urgent to promote Experimental Film, to prevent it from being completely absorbed into the gallery space or 'disappeared' by Hollywood and so-called 'Arthouse' cinema. Films shot on film demand a cinematic projection, and the public deserves the opportunity to learn about and wonder at the Experimental Cinema tradition.

Experimental cinema is a laboratory and a museum, constantly keeping tabs on cinema's past and future capabilities, We will screen films driven by a sense of creative freedom long lost to narrative-based cinemas, and free from economic judgments of worth, films that demonstrate how experimental cinema has created its own history, distinct both from that of narrative cinema and from video art.

Different Directions will screen contemporary and classic works that have invented images equal to the demands of creative thought and socio-political crises, making cinema which doesn't just mechanically reproduce reality, but is an apparatus of investigation bringing to light new dimensions of the real.

Full Programme and Details go to www.differentdirections.ie

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