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Joe Dwyer has put a way the past. He lives to raise his step-son, Dominic. Walter Behan is out after 18 years inside. Now he's come to see Joe, looking for his pound of flesh.

A debt is owed, and must be paid - and if it was only money thingswould be simpler - but it isn't, and things couldn't be worse.
A faust-like drama about two Irishmen in their sixties coming to terms
with a violent past as criminals in London's underworld.

Directed by Andrew Flynn

Set Design by Owen Mac Carthaigh
Costumes by Petra Breathnach
The Production will run at Nuns Island Theatre from,

Monday 24th November to
Saturday 29th November

At 8pm
For bookings contact Galway Townhall Theatre (091) 566777

Tickets cost €10/12


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