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Crestfall by Mark O Rowe

‘Keep we three sheltered,

shielded in our union
from catastrophe approaching,
encroaching upon us in this insidious vicinity,
this savage quarter,
this perpetual crestfall.'
As the rain pours down filling the river up, three women fight through their journeys of revenge, reunion and redemption, always monitored by thyroid man and his three-eyed dog. This is the savage quarter of Crestfall from the pen of Mark O'Rowe, writer of hit play, ‘Intermission.

This Galway premiere brings one of Ireland's most exciting playwrights and one of contemporary Irish Theatres in a bludgeoning chamber piece of beautiful horror."It was almost as if Mr. O'Rowe had studied Samuel Beckett's chiseled prose and Martin McDonagh's outrageous violence and then tried to best them." New York Times on O'Rowe

Directed by Andrew Flynn

Costumes by Petra Breathnach

Lighting by Adam Fitzsimons Sound by Jack Cawley

The Production will run at Nuns Island Theatre Galway from, Monday 14th July to Friday 25th July at 8pm

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Tickets cost 12/14 Euro

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