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Ann Maria Healy, Artist Talk

Knee-Jerk presents
‘Make Your Own instrument & Jamming Session’
6pm – 8.30pm Thursday 25th February 2010
Galway Arts Centre

 'Make your own instrument' is one of a series of 'happenings' where participants are obliged to create their own instruments from the random detritus provided by the Galway based  Knee – Jerk artists collective.
Knee Jerk

Ann Maria Healy: Artist's talk

2pm Feb 25th 2010

Ann Maria Healy will give a talk on her practice & recent projects, including her 4 month residency in Galway Arts Centre, on Thursday 25th February at 2pm.

Healy is a multi - media artist, whose practice includes installation, sound, photography and live performance. Her work explores the bodies' relationship to space and time. In particular focusing on cycles, how they can affect and shape our lives. Recent performances include 'Collapsed', Galway Arts Centre 2010. Healy is currently working towards a solo exhibition in Basement Project Space, Cork and is also curating the March 2010 edition of Live @8 in Galway.
Ann Maria Healy

Collapses 2010 Galway Arts Centre
This residency is supported by the Galway City & County Arts Offices and is awarded to a GMIT Honours Degree student annuall

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