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 Saturday, 16 January 2016 18:00

This winter Galway Arts Centre will exhibit new work by artists Angela Fulcher and Ruth E. Lyons. ‘Unbounded’ will open at 6.00 pm on the 4th of December 2015 and will run until 16th of January 2016. The exhibition title references the limitless nature of interpretation and unrestrained manipulation of material.
Angela Fulcher is a Visual Artist working in sculpture, installation and photographic collage. Her practise focuses on the reconfiguration of objects so that aspects of their material nature may be revealed. Fulcher’s approach to producing work involves applying close attention to the details and qualities of materials and surfaces through using minimal interventions to subtly disrupt and interrogate their interpretation and function. Fulcher has created three new works for this exhibition that focus on the materiality of clothing and accessories. The works address themes including labour and production, tactility, consumerism and desire. A number of found objects including ladies’ belts, faux fur coats, velour beach towels and printed billboard advertisements have been reconfigured using techniques of collage and assemblage.With an emphasis on colour, Fulcher's art works often respond to the architecture and space of their environment and her interest in embodied aesthetic experience.Angela Fulcher is a member of the Cork Artist Collective. Exhibitions this year have includedStitch in Time: The Fabric of Contemporary Life at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery, Cork.
Ruth E. Lyons is a Visual Artist and Co-director of The Good Hatchery. Lyons has conceived new sculptural work that sets out to create an immersive experience and bring out into the open the underground movements of material, in this case referring to the use of water as a means of displacing oil in oil-wells. The work is inspired by the writings of the Han Chinese polymathic scientist Shen Kuo, specifically his Dream Pool essays where he made the earliest known historical reference to oil which he called 'Rock Oil'. Lyons' installation of the same name, Dream Pool, is made from towering timbers that echo the lattice design of electrical pylons, and are used to suspend pools of water and oil that float overhead, with immiscible liquids creating enigmatic patterns. Stormglass, originally exhibited in Mermaid Arts Centre as part of the artist’s solo exhibition The Sea, The Sea,is similarly hinged on the curious patterns that form in liquid, but this time in the form of polished limestone and a Victorian weather predicting barometer.
For further information about the artists and their work we encourage you to visit their websites: www.angela-fulcher.com and www.ruth.ie. For enquiries about the exhibition please contact Galway Arts Centre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (091) 568 642.

The Galway Arts Centre will be closed for the holidays on Wednesday the 23rd of December and will reopen again on Monday the 4th of January.




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