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The Karibu Art Exhibition

Visual Arts
 Friday, 14 December 2018 10:00 Place: Galway Arts Centre

 04 - 14 December

The Karibu Art Exhibition features works by a group of Congolese artists demonstrating aspects of Congolese migration, art and diversity. The exhibition celebrates the integration of the African community in Ireland and makes a strong case for the continuity of rich artistic production from the Congo over the last century. The art draws a link between Irish and Congolese culture and will promote awareness and the impact of migration, collaboration and integration.
Artists exhibiting:
Mrs Nhono Tambidila is an artist and founder of Congolese women in Ireland. A co-founder of Karibu Arts Group, Nhono has run a number of exhibitions, including one entitled, “The impact of violence against women and children in conflict regions”.
Greg Kalala is a talented artist and graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts Kinshasa. He has lived in Ireland for the past twenty years and has engaged on many levels with his new home, expressing the meaning of the intercultural experience. Also a founding member of Karibu, the Congolese Artists Network Greg is a founding member of the African/Irish band Jambo-Jambo.
The Karibu Art Exhibition launches on Sunday 9 December at 5pm, and is part of Galway 2020’s Small Towns Big Ideas Programme UMOJA, presenting an evening of Art, Music and Culture at Galway Arts Centre and Arus na Gael. UMOJA (Swahili for unity) is a project run by the Galway African Diaspora and the Galway Congolese Association, with the aim of celebrating the integration and richness of the African community in Galway.



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