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Beasts & Gods

Nun's Island Theatre
Saturday, 26 May 2018 16:00 - 17:00


Beasts & Gods

A musical collection of mythological figures in the epic and chimeric imaginary of late 14th century Italy

Simone Sorini Syrenarum
Simone Sorini – voice & lute, Claudia Vivianivoice & percussion


Nuns Island Theatre

26th May


Tickets: €12 / €10 / €6



This concert program, based on vocalism, aims to rediscover a widespread musical practice both in traditional and in art music during the Italian Middle Ages: two-voice polyphonic songs. The favourite forms in this type of musical expression were the “ballad” and the “madrigal”, both well represented in this concert. In these compositions, male and female voices are often treated and used as instruments, with virtuosic passages and long melismas that make these pieces not only of particular curiosity for the modern ear, but also make them unique pieces of art. The poetic texts, in most cases of anonymous authors, often refer to epic and legendary themes, telling of ancient gods and strange animals, thus constituting a real “bestiary”. The music uses onomatopoeia for the reproduction of animal sounds or mythological instruments.




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