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Lighting Equipment

 Lighting Equipment

 Nuns Island Theatre uses 15amp 3 pin connections on all of its generic lighting fixtures, TRS and grelco stock.



1 x Zero 88 24 x 10amp channel Chili dimmer with 4 x 19pin Socapex outputs

1 x Zero 88 3 x 6.3amp channel Alpha Pack (generally used for house light circuits as channel 25-27)



1 x ETC Express 24/48  Channel Count 96

c/w 1 x 15inch Flat screen monitor


Cable Stock:

15 x 10m TRS

10 x 5m TRS

8 x 2way Grelco

4 x 6way IWB

3 x 6way Fan Out

There is a fairly good selection of 15-16 and various other adapters in house but check with Technical Manager for exact amounts available.



Fresnels & PC’s

10 x Selecon 1.2k Arena Fresnels c/w barn door, gel frame, safety chain

8 x  Selecon 0.65k Acclaim Fresnels c/w barn door, gel frame, safety chain

3 x Strand 1.2k Cantata PC c/w barn door, gel frame, safety chain


7 x 650w 25-50 ETC Source Four “Junior” Zoom c/w gel frame, safety chain

2 x Gobo Holders available

Par Cans

4 x 1000w Pro Can pars (all cp62) c/w gel frame, safety chain

Flood Lights

4 x 1000w Selecon Symmetrical Floods c/w gel frame, safety chain





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