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Children’s Autumn Art Classes

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 Juniors 5-7 years

Secrets of the Deep

September 21st for 8 weeks

Saturday 10.30 – 12pm.

12 places Cost €90

Ahoy there!  These workshops launch a crew of emerging artists on an expedition under the sea.  While exploring the watery world beneath the waves, we will meet and make the creatures that live there through drawing, painting, printmaking and sculpture.  Students will experiment with the following materials: clay, pencils, charcoal, crayon, poster paints, coloured paper, pipe cleaners, lollypop sticks and pastels.  We will interact with the gallery space looking at the current exhibition for inspiration and discussion.  There will be plenty of chill activities and story telling to add to our underwater experience.  Prepare to dive in!

Seniors 8-12 years

Senior students have an option of course choices

Take a Trip to Another Dimension

September 21st for 8 weeks

Saturday 12 - 1.30pm

12 places Cost €90

Through the magic world of shadow puppetry, students find themselves in an imaginary place full of adventure and stories. The class will explore theatrical elements of puppet and set building, performance, visuals,sound, and script writing. We will build domes and learn the art of transforming simple objects and materials into something beautiful and mysterious.  We will interact with the gallery space looking at the current exhibition for inspiration and discussion.  We will create a wacky unique installation, inhabited by very odd creatures.

Astro Art

September 21st for 8 weeks

Saturday 1.30 - 3pm

Also Wednesday after school class 4-5.30pm juniors

12 places Cost €90

Ignite your child's creativity with this inspirational voyage through space! Our great universe captures the imagination of children, invoking a sense of awe and wonder.  Through making art we will explore fundamental scientific concepts and learn about the universe which we inhabit and our exploration of it. We will experiment with materials as we build our own spacescapes, one giant leap at a time!


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