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Wild Ink: Lake Pigments and Lichen Extractions - Online Remote Workshop 3

This workshop is ideal for those who wish to add further paint making techniques to their canon, as well as an observation on the extraction of colour from ‘found’ as opposed to harvested lichens.

We will cover:
* The process of making a lake pigment. As this is a 24 hour process, we will begin it together, and I will demo the rest and what you can expect to see from your own lake pigment
* We will look at some paints that we can then easily make from our dried pigment
* We will have a look at lichen colour extraction by focusing on-
– Sustainable collection and ID of those which hold colour
– Two techniques to coax colour from lichens
Due to the nature and ecological importance of lichens, this part of the workshop will be demo only. You will receive an identification PDF of lichens commonly found here in Ireland and the UK to continue your own exploration.

How the workshops work:
Each workshop runs in three parts. A week before our live zoom, I send you a prep PDF or video. Then, on the day of our workshop, we spend 1 hour making and 30 minutes sharing our results and covering any questions.

The third part of each is a very short re-cap video that I send out covering what we did and adding some extra tips. You have access to this video and a recording of the workshop which you can download if you wish.


Course Times & Information

Start Date Wed 14th Jul 2021 - 1:00 pm
End Date Wed 14th Jul 2021 - 2:30 pm
Capacity 15
Cut off date 14-07-2021
Price per person €40.00

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