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Majella Dowdican

Solo Exhibition


Majella Dowdican

Opening at 5.30pm Tuesday 11th January and runs until 21st January.

Majella Dowdican’s work is influenced by pre - fabrication. The artist looks closely at the ‘prefabricated’ as it occurs in both social situations and also in the materials that she uses. Dowdican creates her works in a way that makes the artists’ presence and the process of production obvious. Paper cut-outs, obstinate wall paintings, stitched canvases make it apparent to the viewer that they have entered a fabricated space leaving them under no illusion that what they are looking at has been carefully orchestrated. Using images that are familiar, Dowdican strives to draw the viewer into the uncanny scenes that she creates, leaving them with a feeling of anticipation from the unknown. Majella is the 2010 recipient of the GAC Mentored Residency Award, supported by Galway City & county Councils.