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Through The Microscope - Babóro Workshop

Visual Arts
 Sunday, 20 October 2019 10:00 Place: Galway Arts Centre

Toodlelou Creativity Lab | Ireland | Creative Connections


A fun, practical workshop that invites children to journey into the fascinating world of microscopy.

In this hands-on explorative workshop, children will journey into the world of the very, very small. How and why are microscopes used by scientists every day? How powerful are they? What does a strand of hair look like at varying degrees of magnification?

Inspired by an exhibition of award-winning microscopy images from life sciences, children will attempt to replicate the work of scientists in their own miniature works of art, getting their hands dirty in experimental art making as they explore colour and form.


Ages: 6 YRS +
1st to 6th Class

Dates & Times
Mon 14 October - Fri 18 October (For Schools - Contact Schools Box office on 091 562642. )
Sat 19 October - Sun 20 October 10.30*, 12.00, 14.00, 15.30

Venue: Galway Arts Centre
Duration: 50 min
Admission: €6 per person. Children must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

Relaxed & Recommended
*Relaxed: Sat 19 October 10.30, Sun 20 October 10.30
Info on Relaxed and Recommended events.

Since opening in April 2017, Toodlelou Creativity Lab in Oranmore has seen more than 2,300 young people come through the door to experience the magic of creating, tinkering and experimenting. Toodlelou is owned and run by two Moms, one a science communicator, the other an artist, who wanted to create a hands-on and fun way to explore creativity with young people and allow them the creative freedom to generate art, crafts, creations and experiments.



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