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Baboró Performance - 'Getting Dressed (Anziehsachen)'

Nun's Island Theatre
 Sunday, 21 October 2018 17:00 Place: Nun's Island Theatre



Getting Dressed (Anziehsachen)

Theaterhaus Ensemble | Germany | Theatre

Fri 19 - Sun 21 October


A man and a woman, an old record player, a washing line and an enormous paper bag; as clothes emerge from the bag, two very different people try to fit together as they take on different roles and different outfits. They tease each other as they dance in and out of jackets, trousers, and dresses, discovering new possibilities for play and transformation along the way.

Two opera-trained performers create a tender and enigmatic atmosphere, accompanying their playful dances with beautiful singing from Henry Purcell’s Baroque opera The Fairy Queen.

An ideal first experience of live theatre, full of humour and imagination.

Theaterhaus Ensemble has produced a wide range of plays for young audiences since 2000. Their work fosters direct contact between actors and audiences in a caring and peaceful environment.


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Ages: 2 - 6 yrs
Dates & Times:
Fri 19 October 17.00
Sat 20 October 11.00, 15.00*, 17.00
Sun 21 October 10.00, 11.30*, 14.30
Venue: Nun's Island Theatre
Duration: 35 min
Capacity: Limited Capacity

*Special relaxed performance

Photograph: Katrin Schander



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