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Everyday Stories Exhibition- Galway

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 Thursday, 29 March 2018 10:00


Everyday Stories Exhibition- Galway



This Friday 16th March at 7pm, Galway Pro-Choice will be launching the ‘Everyday Stories’ exhibition in Galway Arts Centre. ‘Everyday Stories’ is a project featuring real-life stories of women and families impacted by the Eighth Amendment.

It was launched by Caoimhe Anglin who was forced to travel to Manchester in 2016 to access an abortion. Her personal account features in the ‘Everyday Stories’ exhibition alongside the stories of seven other women and their families. Caoimhe spoke of her inspiration for the exhibition.

“Through this exhibition and the accompanying website, we are revealing the humanity of complex lives, considered decisions and difficult journeys,” she said.

“We hope ‘Everyday Stories’ will bring perspective, compassion and understanding to often divisive and difficult public debates, and will help us find common ground.
“In 2016, I experienced a crisis pregnancy. I was on the pill and my boyfriend and I always use condoms. When we realised I was pregnant, both of us knew there was no way we could afford to bring a child into the world.

“I travelled to Manchester for a surgical abortion. I was accessing a normal healthcare service but – to do so – I was subjected to needless hardship: I had to travel abroad, stay in a hotel, find the money to cover all these expenses, and get time off work. And I had to do all this under a cloud of secrecy because of the Eighth Amendment and the restrictions it has caused.

“I am sharing my story because abortion happens and will continue to happen for Irish women. Ten Irish women made the trip to England to access abortion every day last year – I was just one of them.”

For the exhibition, each story has been illustrated by an Irish-based artist. The images illustrating each woman’s story have been developed by Loo Hicks; Ciara O’Brien, Stephen Lau and Sofya Mikhaylova from the GUM Collective; and Gemma Cagney.

The exhibition runs until the 29th March in Galway Arts Centre and is available online at www.everydaystories.org. Facilitated audio events featuring real-life accounts followed by a discussion will be taking place on Saturday 17th and Saturday 24th March at 4pm in the Galway Arts Centre. Members of the public are invited to come along and take part in the discussion. The events are free of charge. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see the Galway Pro-Choice Facebook page for further details.


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