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Nun's Island Technical Specifications as of January 2016

House Rules!

• The Truss may only be raised and lowered by Nuns Island technicians

• Drapes may not be safety pinned together or stapled to anything, crocodile clips and weights are provided

• As all lamps have been P.A.T. tested plug tops may not be changed for any reason, a limited supply of 15 -> 16amp, 16amp -> 15amp adapters can be provided

• Safety chains, shackles, pulleys etc may be available for flying props and scenery. Nuns Island crew reserve the right not to allow props, scenery, lamps etc to be hung if they deem it to be unsafe. The house technicians word is final on all matters pertaining to safety.

• The control room is off limits to ALL except in house technicians and visiting crew that have signed in . A maximum of 4 persons may be in the control room at one time.

• There is no fixing to the floor or walls of any kind permitted in the venue.

• For large scale shows with lx plans a pre-rig by house crew is preferred.

• All incoming companies who wish to have the lighting rig altered must contact the house technician no less than two weeks prior to their event at the venue.

• Three phase power connections to be made by in house technicians only.

• Any visiting crew wishing to use the height access equipment must display either a valid Safe Pass or Stage Pass to the in house crew.

• We do not allow painting of sets, props etc to take place in or around the venue. Last minute touch ups with small brushes will be permitted however.

• On performance nights we ask that the company vacate the premises no later than 30mins after the show has finished. Extra time will be allowed for get outs of course.

• During your companies get out we must insist that everything you brought in is taken away again. We have no means for disposing of off cuts of timber, unused costume material etc.

• Our front of house and maintenance team will ensure that the green room, cast bathrooms and Front of House areas are clean and tidy before your arrival and or prior to your show commencing. We would ask that if anything is untidy or needs replenishing that you bring it to the attention of one of the staff immediately. We would also ask that you leave all backstage areas as you found them.

On behalf of the team here I wish you the very best of luck with your show / event. We hope you enjoy your time with us.

Mike OHalloran

Technical Manager


Get in

The venue is accessed by the driveway on Nuns Island. Please note 40ft & 20ft, artics or ridgid trucks can not be accommodated at the venue. Small box trucks, LWB vans etc will all fit in the driveway however. Please notify the technical manager or your appointed technician in advance with your arrival time. This way we can ensure that your way is clear. Small set pieces, lx equipment, audio gear etc can all be brought in through the front door. Any flats taller than six foot and wider than three foot must be brought in through the back door. This is still a single door so unfortunately we can not accommodate anything wider than three foot.





Nuns Island is a Black Box style venue with a fixed seating rake position. Therefore for shows in

the round etc chairs may have to be hired in at extra cost.

 When the full seating rake is in use the stage area measures 25ft across by 10ft deep.

Over the years the venue has seen shows staged in the following formats:

End on In the Round In the Traverse Thrust stage


Lighting Equipment



1 x Zero 88 24 x 10amp channel Chili dimmer with 4 x 19pin Socapex outputs

1 x Zero 88 3 x 6.3amp channel Alpha Pack (Portable)



1 x ETC Express 24/48 Channel Count 96

c/w 1 x 15inch Flat screen monitor


Cable Stock:

15 x 10m TRS

10 x 5m TRS

8 x 2way Grelco

4 x 6way IWB

4 x 6way Fan Out



Fresnels & PC’s

10 x Selecon 1.2k Arena Fresnels c/w barn door, gel frame, safety chain

8 x Selecon 0.65k Acclaim Fresnels c/w barn door, gel frame, safety chain

3 x Strand 1.2k Cantata PC c/w barn door, gel frame, safety chain



 7 x 650w 25-50 ETC Source Four “Junior” Zoom c/w gel frame, safety chain

2 x Gobo Holders available


Par Cans

4 x 1000w Pro Can pars (all cp62) c/w gel frame, safety chain


Flood Lights

4 x 1000w Selecon Symmetrical Floods c/w gel frame, safety chain


Audio Equipment


1 x Allen & Heath 16:3 Mix wizard desk

 (Digital Package also available at extra cost)


1 x Behringer DCX2496 Ultradrive Pro Speaker Management System


1 x Behringer FBQ3102 31 band Graphic with Sub output

1 x Behringer Multicom Pro XL 4way Compressor Gate


1 x Digital Audio playback deck with USB and SD Card slot

1 x Sony Mini Disc Deck, no auto-pause

1 x Sony CD Deck, no auto-pause

1 x Twin Tape deck


2 x Shure SM 58

1 x Shure BETA 58A

1 x Sennheiser E840

1 x Sennheiser E845

4 x Shure SM 57

2 x Behringer Ultra DI DI100


5 tall mic stand with single boom

1 medium stand with telescopic boom

2 short stand with telescopic boom


1 x DynaCord AM12 360watt Full Range Active Monitor with mic and line in(4 way Monitor Package available upon request depending on contract agreements and fees)


 3 x 2 channel Crown XLS 602 Power Amplifier (for Main System Only)

Main PA Hang:

Flown Down Stage Left

 2 x EV SX300 Passive Full Range speakers (300w Cont, 1200w Peak)

 1 x EV SB 120 300watt Passive Subwoofer (300w Cont, 1200w Peak)

Flown Down Stage Right

 2 x EV SX300 Passive Full Range speakers (300w Cont, 1200w Peak)

 1 x EV SB 120 300watt Passive Subwoofer (300w Cont, 1200w Peak)

Floor Level (by request only - dependent on space available)

2 x EV Eliminator Passive Sub 40 – 400hrz (400w Cont)


approx 10 x 5m xlr

approx 4 x 5m speakon

Please note the venue does not carry any instrument cables such as jack to jack etc please bring your own



Visual / Projection Equipment

1 x NEC NP-M402HG Projector

Projection Technology   1x1.65cm 2xLVDS DMD Chip

Native Resolution   1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

Aspect Ratio   16:9

Contrast Ratio   10000:1

Brightness    4000 ANSI Lumen

Lamp    270W AC

Lens   F=2.4-3.2, f=18-30.6mm (Wide - Tele)

Projection Factor   1.2 - 2.1:1 (Throw Ratio: 1.2, Zoom Ratio 1.7)

Projection Distance[m]   0.74 - 14.08

Projection Angle  9.9 - 17.9

Screen Size (diagonal)    30 - 300 inches

Zoom  Manual

Focus Adjustment  Manual

Inputs  2 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 Composite Video

1 x Screen Approx 3m width 4m length (roll down)

(5m x 3m Cinema Canvas Available at extra cost, two weeks notice required)


Rigging Equipment

11m x 6m Box Truss on six Columbus McKinnon Prostar Chain Hoists Max Load 454kg

2 x 3m 48mm pipe

2 x 2m 48mm pipe

assorted small pipes

Please note 48 pipe is for suspension only by spansets or steel ropes. We do not clamp pipe to the

main truss. For any long spans additional truss must be hired in.


Power Management

The venue is equipped with separate Sound and Lighting power, see plan for locations

Visiting Lx

1 x 63amp three phase outlet

4 x 32amp three phase outlets

Be advised all three phase power is located in the control room

Visiting Sound

3 x 4 gang 13amp outlets onstage

2 x 4 gang 13amp outlets in control room

Height Access

1 x 12 rung Zarges A - Frame Extension ladder



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