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Creative Writing for Kids: Summer Camp 2 2019

Writing creatively helps us to unleash our imaginations and to tap into the unique creative voice that lies within each of us. Not only does creative writing enable us to produce works of art that entertain and inspire, it also develops our thinking and helps us to move with confidence in the world.

In this week-long workshop for budding writers and those interested more widely in drama and performance, we’ll get the chance to experiment with writing short stories, plays and poems. We’ll get inspiration from each other’s work, from online performances of poetry and drama, and from writers such as Shakespeare. Through interactive class activities and by sharing our work in a friendly and encouraging environment, we’ll gain confidence in our writing and in our creative abilities. Exploration of narrative elements such as plot, setting and character will give us the technical skills to enable us to move forward with our own projects when the week is over. The adventure begins here!

This workshop is facilitated by Isabel Corfe. Isabel has tutored writing in the university since 2011 and has taught creative writing to children there since 2015.

This camp is for children aged between: 9 and 13 years (4th to 6th class).

What you need:
•    Notebook 
•    Pens and/or pencils 
•    Mid-morning snack and a drink

Course Times & Information

Start Date Luan 22nd Iúi 2019 - 10:00 am
End Date Aoine 26th Iúi 2019 - 1:00 pm
Capacity 12
Cut off date 21-07-2019
Price per person €110.00
Location Galway Arts Centre

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