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Figure Painting Course


Course Description:
Throughout the course, we will be focusing on composition, gesture, color, texture, anatomy, paint mixing and paint application. Each session will include a demo, but the majority of the course will be spent painting from life and receiving one on one feedback. Though each session will focus on a key aspect of composition, the discussed concepts will overlap throughout the course, resulting in a structured, yet organic approach to design.
Session 1: Gesture. Begin painting in two values using raw umber and the white of the canvas, wiping away with solvent as necessary. This step is to ensure that the anatomy, gesture, and composition work for your vision.
Session 2: The limited palette. We will discuss color theory and tonal clarity as you block in large masses of accurate color to cover the whole canvas, keeping edges soft while creating a firm structural foundation.
Session 3: Tonal clarity. Continue softly blocking in masses in clear value groups, introducing firm edges as needed, while working towards accurate anatomy, weighted gesture, and clear design.
Session 4: Textural Clarity. As you continue blocking in, consider the texture of each shape as you paint, making design choices to subtly include a range of mark making to distinguish between shapes.
Session 5: Supporting Detail. Consider smaller forms that will support your compositional focus - balancing detail and structure throughout to keep the design clear.
Session 6: Focus. Continue framing the focal point, adjusting and correcting as needed, so that the resulting painting is a decisive and beautiful statement of the human form.

Provided Materials:
●    stretched canvas
●    wooden palette
●    metal palette knife
titanium white
pale yellow
deep yellow
warm red
alizarin crimson
ultramarine blue
raw umber
●    paper towels/rags
●    refined linseed oil
●    odorless solvent
●    brushes - long handled synthetics


Course Times & Information

Start Date Wed 24th Jan 2018 - 6:30 pm
End Date Wed 28th Feb 2018 - 9:30 pm
Capacity 8
Cut off date 24-01-2018
Price per person €320.50
Location Galway Arts Centre
We are no longer accepting registration for this event

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